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King Penguin


Second largest of the penguins, King penguins have an orange yellow patch on their chests and greyish black backs. A King could only be confused with an Emperor penguin, but the location should be a give away. Tell an Emperor from a King notice that the tear-drop shaped ear patches are yellow on Emperors and are open. Kings have orange ear patches that are closed. Chicks can grow larger than their parents and usually have a uniform brown plumage, some chicks have a silver grey plumage. Early explorers thought king chicks were a separate species - the woolly penguin. Adult King penguins are typically 90 cm tall. Juveniles are slightly shorter, only about 80 cm. Males and females both weigh 15 - 16 kg at the beginning of courtship, but females lose more weight so that by the end of the courtship period males weigh 13kg , and females around 11kg.

These Are The King Penguins.




Chinstrap Penguins