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More Penguins

These are just random pictures that i found..someday these penguins will have there own page when i find more pictures i like.


The macaroni penguin is medium-sized standing at about 28 inches tall and weighing 9 pounds. The macaroni penguin has orange, yellow, and black crests that join on the top of the head. Macaroni penguins breed on sub-Antarctic islands south of the Americas and Africa during the summer. Their nests are underdeveloped scrapes in mud or gravel among rocks. Two eggs are laid with only one chick usually being raised. Incubation is shared by both parents in long shifts. The egg hatches after 33 to 37 days. The male guards the chicks for 23 to 25 days while the female bring food daily. The chicks are ready to leave the nests at about 60 to 70 days old. Their predators are: brown skuas, sheathbills, and leopard seals.


One of the smallest of the crested penguins, the rockhopper stands at approx 40cm and weighs up to 4kg. Easily distinguished as adults by their prominent yellow crest and bright red eyes. All other crested penguins have darker eyes.
Sexes alike, although males are larger with more robust bills. Juveniles have only a faint crest and have white mottling on the chin and throat. The Rockhopper penguin gets its name by the way it moves: It jumps from rock to rock, often sliding all over the place, and jumps feet first into the water. (Most penguins dive.)